Resources and summary from MITA/Into Film


In September 2016, MITA and Into Film met with a large group of practitioners in Manchester to discuss some key strategies and initiatives around the provision of film education to children and young people. The event included a presentation on the current and future role of Into Film and its projects as well as the part providers can play as Into Film ambassadors. It also introduced the code of good practice developed by MITA in consultation with colleagues during the course of the year.

The code forms the backbone of a new preferred providers list of organisations and will help schools, local authorities and others to feel confident that the included organisations  can offer a high quality service. It covers insurance, child protection and minimum standards of experience, etc.

A summary of the day’s presentations and a raft of accompanying resources, including the MITA code of best practice, Teachers’ guidelines, Working with child protection, Marketing to schools and Into Film filmmaking guides, are now available on the MITA website.