Project Diamond publishes first results


Disabled people and the over-50s are the two most under-represented minority groups in the broadcasting industry, according to an initial report produced by the equality monitoring initiative Project Diamond. It finds that disabled people make up just 6.5% of on-screen staff and 5.5% of off-screen staff in television, even though 18% of the national population have a disability, while over-50s (36% of the population) make up 24.2% of on-screen and 20.4% of off-screen workers. The report also finds that BAME individuals make up 21.5% of on-screen workers but only 10.1% of off-screen workers.

The initiative, which aims to capture the equality monitoring data of all those working on programmes commissioned by the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Channel 5 and Sky, has been criticised for not disclosing data linked to specific programmes or genres for each channel. To read more, click here.