New Minister to fight for creative


New Minister vows to fight for creative and digital industries but says they must be held to a ‘higher standard’ than the rest of the private sector on diversity

The newly appointed Digital and Culture Minister, Matt Hancock, gave his first keynote speech to the arts sector at an event hosted by the Creative Industries Federation earlier this month. He stressed the importance of digital technology in maintaining the culture sector’s ‘essential’ role in the UK economy and said he would ‘fight to ensure that the creative and digital industries are at the heart of this Government’s industrial strategy with a tax, regulatory and public investment framework that supports you to grow’.

He also put a key emphasis on the issue of diversity and said that no-one – regardless of their accent, gender or postcode – should be excluded from any of the creative industries.  ‘I make no apology for holding you to a higher standard than the rest of the private sector,’ he said. ‘You have a special responsibility to be a force for openness and social mobility in Britain.’ To watch the Minister’s full speech, click here.