Brexit and the creative industries


The Creative Industries Council (CIC) has set up a working group to examine the impact of Brexit on the UK’s creative sectors. The group will be headed Pact chief executive, John McVay, and will seek to identify the critical priorities for each sector while identifying the major issues and opportunities that leaving the EU might produce. The CIC is a joint forum between the government and creative industries; alongside Pact its members include Arts Council England, the BFI, the Creative Industries Federation and Creative Skillset. The group will make an initial report by mid-August.

Screen International has published a useful piece, authored by law firm Olswang, on the potential consequences of the Brexit vote for the UK’s media sector. To access the article, click here.

The European Commission has released a statement following the Brexit result and the Creative Europe Desk UK has reassured UK creative organisations that ‘there are no immediate material changes to the current arrangements for those who have successfully applied, are currently being assessed, or are planning to apply for Creative Europe funding in 2016 and 2017.’ To read more, click here.