Showroom Workstation

Showroom & Workstation 15 Paternoster Row Sheffield S1 2BX

About Showroom Workstation

We’re a unique cultural hub situated in the heart of Sheffield – one of Europe’s largest independent cinemas paired with the longest-running creative business centre in the city. Housed in a converted 1930s car showroom, we’re situated right next to the railway station in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter. Our beautiful Art Deco environs are an ideal setting for the innovative businesses homed at the Workstation, and a perfect place for the determinedly independent and cutting edge cinema of the Showroom.

We don’t just show films at the Showroom. We’re also involved in nurturing local talent, developing aspiration among local young people so they might follow a filmic career path and we educate all ages about all aspects of cinema. We host one of the most important documentary festivals on the planet, and have a year-round programme of amazing events, from celebrations of cult horror to live appearances from film directors, producers and actors from around the world. Far more than the average cinema, the Showroom is a true home to film, a cultural leader for our region; we’re knowledgeable and passionate about film as an art-form. We are also the Hub Lead Organisation for Film Hub North, part of the BFI’s UK-wide initiative The Audience Network,  providing cultural leadership and coordination for film exhibition for the whole of the North of England.

The Showroom’s parent company is a registered charity which exists to support educational and cultural provision for Sheffield and the surrounding area. Concerned with supporting and developing the independent film sector in the region, the Showroom, along with the Workstation, provides facilities, training opportunities and engagement.