Kevin Cameron

About Kevin Cameron

If your paid to do creative stuff and it’s pretty varied then it can a bit tricky giving a concise and intelligible answer to the question, “what is that you do?”. However having checked the paper work I can say with some certainty that, I’m an artist, BAFTA nominated filmmaker and a graduate of the universities of Bristol and Glasgow.

I have made films for the BBC, ITV and Canal Plus in France, amongst others. Recently (January 2013) a clip from a programme that I made turned up in a half hour celebration of arts tv in Scotland alongside work by some pretty heady names covering the whole history of broadcasting here!

I like a challenge…from a group of recalcitrant teenagers in an animation workshop, to how to tell the story of someone’s life in 26 minutes and 30 seconds, to how can I recreate Edwardian Era Scotland on a budget that wouldn’t cover your average film’s catering budget (for one day).