Eastside Educational Trust Suite 16, Perseverance Works 37 Hackney Road Shoreditch London E2 7NX

About Eastside

Eastside Educational Trust is a registered charity, which exists to help young people develop their creative thinking, so they can be the problem solvers of tomorrow.   Eastside is a professional organisation with creativity at its heart, inspiring young people from different backgrounds to discover their individual talents through creative workshops and sessions.

We provide professional participatory workshops and guidance for all young people across the entire spectrum of the arts including: drama and performance, dance and movement, literature and spoken word, visual arts and crafts, music and singing and film and media, both in-school-time and out-of-school-hours.

Our educational outreach programme actively targets those that are disadvantaged or disaffected and young people that have special educational needs, learning difficulties or disabilities.   We give young people access to the latest technology including film editing, website production, blogging, social media and mobile applications.

Our work introduces important life skills, such as leadership, responsibility, commitment and teamwork.   We believe that any problem can be solved creatively, no matter what you end up doing in life and that the world would be a better place if society valued and encouraged creativity more highly. That’s why we encourage young people who otherwise may not have these chances, to put their creative talents to good use.

At the heart of every Eastside project is the belief that all young people have the capacity to surpass expectations and surprise us with their resourcefulness, creativity and enterprise.   Eastside encourages children of all ages and abilities to work together and to learn from one another, giving them the opportunity to build on what they learn at school, to acquire new skills and to have fun trying something new.

By enabling students and teachers to work collaboratively and empowering the young people in the decision making process, we believe that we can help young people to achieve more than they ever thought possible.