Cottonfield Films

Cottonfield Films Walton Cornerstone 2 Liston Street Walton, Liverpool L4 5RT, England

About Cottonfield Films

Established in Liverpool in 2008 by Ian Chapman and John Clarke, Cottonfield Films CIC offers life-skills education through film and music. Our aim is to encourage people of all ages to learn new skills, explore their creativity, raise confidence levels and produce quality work that they can be proud of. Past projects have been funded by Mini-Mediabox and the Music Development Agency.*

As filmmakers/musicians ourselves we know the importance of hands-on training and this is what we provide to our clients. Everyone who completes a project with us leaves with technical and life-skills.

Cottonfield Films provides Corporate video, film and music production services, working alongside organisations to promote, develop and shape their ideas in order to achieve the desired results.

We also produce our own films and music, providing employment opportunities to actors, musicians and crew members living in the Liverpool area.